11 March 2009

Hearts Grow Fonder

With Pops off attending techie lectures in sunnier regions, the rest of us rascals are left to fend for ourselves. Since we're prone to missing him, our distraction of choice is spontaneous fun. An evening bike ride (thanks, daylight savings time!), staring/giggling contests, and creative meal planning. Needing only a brief consultation amongst each other, the children perfected last night's dinner menu. We had turkey dogs on store-bought buns, baked beans with molasses, carrot sticks, and clementine oranges. It was a very orange and brown meal, but they were quite pleased.

For dessert, we cranked up the ice-cream maker. The girls helped me make Peter's all time favorite: mint chocolate chip. It must have been good, as the little epicureans became very focused and quiet upon consumption. Hurry home, Pops. We saved some for you.


  1. Its horrible when they are gone, isn't it.

    Gives a good excuse for drowning your sorrows in ice cream though:)

    Have fun with your babies all to yourself!

    <3 sarasophia

  2. sounds so sweet! usually if my hubby is gone i am ready to tear my hair out... forget the grins and giggles and homemade ice cream. next time, i'm coming to your place ;-)

  3. Sweet photo.

    I love after dinner walks and bike rides... and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Poor Pops, he's missing out on all the fun.

  4. poor pops is right. and how come we weren't chocolate chip- homemade??? yum!

    love the tint on the photo!

  5. You are the best mom ever!!

  6. I am really enjoying your photos and insights. I too anticipate spring :)