31 March 2009

Oh, Dishcloth ... I Love You

I have a thing for dish towels. And aprons. Well, lip balm and old dishes too. Okay, I have a thing for lots of stuff, but dishcloths are such a fun splurge. They never cost too much (I found these at 40 percent off!) and look so snappy in my kitchen. Somehow a pretty dish towel, even if showing signs of wear, makes kitchen chores significantly more enjoyable.

Now, I do have some requirements. Without a doubt, I prefer cotton towels. They do their job without complaint and handle the washing machine nicely. I do not care for those stiff, shiny dishcloths that seem to have a personal objection to actually absorbing moisture and simply smear water about. And what about the textured towels that get washed once then shrivel up into a curly, unfold-able mess? Humph. Just give me a pretty, flat cotton cloth, thank you very much.

Additionally, I find dishcloth purchases to be very forgiving to my moods. Sometimes I snag a new one while delightedly shopping with a friend. And sometimes when I'm in a really ratty mood, I set off for some cotton therapy. There has been more than one occasion that I've stomped about the house looking for my keys and shoes when Pops will ask: "Where are you going? Out to buy a new rag?" I'm telling you, it works. You'll come back with a new little friend and a greatly improved disposition.


  1. if only they improved my mood about actually having to DO the dishes!

    oh, and i have a thing for a whole LIST of stuff! mini love-affairs.... it's a good way to cheat :-) funny, isn't it? like our version of porn is a vintage pyrex bowl, some swanky swigs, and a printed dishcloth. mmmmm... i'm getting a little revved up just thinking about it :-)

  2. I agree, a brightly colored, {flat} cotton dish towel is just about perfect. One cannot have too many.

    Lovely photo.

  3. I'm the same way. What is it about the look, feel, the presence of a beautiful dish towel that is also functional. It just invites me into the kitchen to make something yummy. And it absolutely brightens my day.

  4. what a pretty picture- wow. And I love dishcloths, too- very fun!

  5. I bought 3 last night at Brookhaven Bazaar... oooooo, so pretty and cotton and I'm helping a lovely little lady who for the sink, one for the wash and one to give away. I'm inspired! gini