24 March 2009

Almost Time

Pretty soon I'll be an auntie, to which I am quite excited. I just finished this little baby blanket in eager anticipation. Perfect size, I think, to be a cozy car-seat blanket or a quick cover-up for those feedings on the go.

Since Baby R. has yet to reveal it's pink or blueness, I thought this rich teal would be a lovely choice. A delightful combination of modern and classic, just like the mama-to-be. The yarn is a natural wool and so incredibly soft. I did a single-crochet stitch with a few rounds about the perimeter. Then, a quick scallop edging and a (removable) cream ribbon to finish it off.

I found particular joy in working this project because I made myself stop fretting about little imperfections here or there. I don't have much parenting wisdom, but I am learning to let go of my idea of perfection and just enjoy. This is a very good thing indeed, when traveling the road of parenthood.


  1. Anna, that blanket looks beautiful! I have tried crochet and I am not very good at it, something to do with the tension.

    I'm with you on trying not to worry about imperfections, really you are the only one who knows about them. Remember, the baby won't care!

  2. very pretty, love the ribbon. when did you manage to complete this? I am impressed.

  3. Oh, Anna so pretty. I made one almost just like that for my grand daughter Emma. What Joy the little one's bring. Blessings

  4. um. well, of course you didn't have to worry about imperfections, because there don't appear to be any!!!! lovely!