03 March 2009

Little Laughs

No, Jane. We aren't taking baths tonight.
(with a dejected look) But Mama, we are very stinky puppies!
Jane, you are funny.
No I'm not.
You aren't? What are you, then?
I'm Jane ... and I'm just cute.
Jane, that is very dirty. It goes in the toilets. Please don't put that on your head again.
Okay. I won't plunge me anymore.


  1. What a darling! How old is she? I love the sweet {and funny} things our little ones say.

    I had a couple of stinky "puppies" to bathe at my house this evening. And, what is this fascination that children have with plungers?!

  2. She's three ...and a half, if you please. A very nice age for a little puppy.

    And yes, the plungers. Bluck.