13 March 2009

Springtime Excursion

Our days at Grammy and Gramps' house were dreamy. While still a tad chilly, the sun was glorious and the children played and snacked and giggled the days long.

Jane and the spittin' toad.

Lucette picks crocus to her heart's content.

And drinks tea like a queen.

The playhouse revealed it's own Little House treasure: a canteen.
"Look! It's just like Pa's!"

Climbing the ash tree.

My old red wagon.


  1. AMAZING pictures- looks like such a fun trip!

    I love your little red wagon!

  2. Okay, your girls are just like sweet, little ice cream cones!!

    Don't you love visiting your parents with the children in tow? My parents still live in the home where I was raised. I love watching my boys make memories in that home, too. And, yes, they go zipping down the driveway in my old, red wagon.

    Beautiful photos, Anna!