04 March 2009

Butter Me Up

Did you know that good butter is actually yellow? Butter and I have been in an exclusive relationship for years, but I'd forgotten. I had simply allowed myself to settle for the rather anemic half-cup sticks that come in a box. Now this little Irish guy is quite a catch. He's smooth and mellow and we've never had an argument. I'm quite smitten.

I think it's true ... good things are made with love and butter.


  1. Yum...real's all I buy and we love the taste! What a lovely blog you have! I saw you over at Modgirls and thought I'd pop over and say hello! :)

  2. Anna, your photos are just beautiful.

    We only use real butter and I often wonder if the more expensive types are worth the extra cost. I will have to give them a try.