23 March 2009

A Good Day for Boots

This morning, I sent the kids into the garage to shoe-up and hop in the van. It wasn't long until I heard Jane clomping about in these. She'd unearthed my old boots from when I was in kindergarten.

I remember needing these. I was certain they were a fashion "must have" for that late 1970's season. Like many families of the time, money was tight and my mom wasn't about to shell out any savings for what could simply be a boot-phase.

Apparently, I was quite persistent and managed to beg some wage-paying labor around the house. It seems to me, these boots were a sound investment after all.


  1. Smile. My boys clomp around in my 1970's, must-have boots, too. Makes me smile every time.

    Adorable photo.

  2. How cute!! It appears you've always had a boot love! Jane is following in your foot steps.

  3. great photo and how stinkin' awesome that you have these! yay for your mama for saving them!