24 March 2009

Hola, Amigo!

A new message from Honduras arrived today! Here is a rough translation from Spanish to English:

Always thank you for your letter and thank you for visiting us, we are waiting with great entuciasmo. we are always in the care of the smile of the brothers and we are cleaning your teeth to one another as mutual aid, there are always things I can not do it myself and can not do for yourself and draw reciduos tartar from the teeth when it is formed and that is what we do while evangelizing. we want a good smile for everyone.

Sepillos hope to bring toothpaste and floss as needed.

Always pray for you.


Ambrocio seems to explain that they use teeth cleaning and dental health as a way to evangelize and share Christ's love. They are looking forward to toothpaste and floss as well as our smiling faces, when we come! I can't wait to bring it to them.

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