09 March 2009


It seems Spring has returned. After a holiday to the southern hemisphere, she's found her way back and is unpacking her bags everywhere I turn.

First thing out of the botanical carpet bag? The crocus, of course. They like to be aired out immediately and aren't afraid of a little chill. But then ... the daphne. Oh, the Daphne! It may still be blustery out, but this little darling has the tropics written all over her. Lush, moist, vibrant, and smells so sweet you wish you could take a nibble. Even Pops swoons at her scent.

I'd been worried about Daphne. She'd taken quite a bruising when Winter came in like a bully this year and knocked her about. A little scarring from the tussle, but she gathered up her gumption, stuck out her chin, and decided nothing was going to keep her new growth at bay. Atta' girl!


  1. beautiful photos again. (also loving the previous grandpa ones... the HAT!!) so wish we could get some real spring here, but it never really comes in march. at least not to stay.

  2. so pretty- I love the pink flowers.