28 January 2010

Love in the Kitchen

Ah, Pyrex. You began many a love-affair generations back and you are still just as suave as you ever were. A darling dish that can handle the heat? Just listen to the housewives purr.

Speaking of which, would you look at this vanilla casserole dish with gold dandelion puffs? I adore this pattern and I adore Pyrex. You can do almost anything to this stuff, and don't we all love dishes that can go from the oven to the tabletop?

If you do any measure of thrifting, you are certain to run across the divided Pyrex dish. True, some look like they've had a life of hard work, but others still seem to sing. And if you find them with the lids? Even better.

And while I'm always drawn to these particular divided dishes, I find myself never knowing what exactly would be a brilliant use for them. A dual cobbler? Heating leftovers? Ladies, do tell!


  1. Perhaps good for storing leftovers as well as heating a can of corn and a can of green beans in the microwave?

  2. I love my vintage Pyrex! My sister in law are going thrift shopping for my birthday and it's my goal to find a couple more Pyrex refrigerator dishes!!

  3. No ideas about the uses for a divided dish, but I just wanted to pop on and say that I LOVE that gold dandelion design! So cute. Kind of reminds me of some of Kate Spade's china.

  4. hi,sweet nest. Here from ModObject.

    My mother was Queen of the Divided Pyrex.

    They are perfect for storing smidgens of leftovers from one meal to serve the next day. Warm gently in the oven, though. Seems to taste better than microwaving.

    Love that dandelion pattern!

    deb meyers

  5. I have 2 divided pyrex dishes (with out the lids, sadly) and I use them to cook fish and vegetables for my daughter with Crohn's disease. I love them!