25 January 2010

Pickle Attempts

Attempting the refrigerator pickle over here. The slicing and experimentation have begun. Most recipes have you boil the brine, but I've read of other kindred spirits who embrace their laziness and skip that part all together. I'm definitely trying the dump and splash method on this first batch.

Jane is excited. Jane loves pickles. Apparently she loves cider vinegar too. She cleaned up all the counter spills ... with her tongue.

They have to soak for a few days and then the evidence will be examined by a panel of three short and cute judges and one who is rather large and swarthy (but still cute). I'll let you know when the verdict is in.


  1. In all of my pregnant, vinegar loving glory I could totally get into making pickles as long as the brine doesn't have to be boiled. Can't wait to find out how they taste. Oh, and I'm loving that first photo.

  2. oh. yum! And I'm laughing at sweet little Jane...we put cider vinegar in a spray bottle and deemed it "sassy spray." (as sass, you get a spray) I found my oldest hiding in our den, "sassy spray" in hand, sucking it out of the bottle. Her chin was red from the sting of the vinegar, but she was happy.

  3. neat, neat!!! I am excited to hear how they turn out. How fun! And I cannot believe she likes the vinegar, that is funny (eewwww!!!)

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  5. So, it's been a week. What's the verdict on the pickles??

    (And sorry, that was my deleted comment. Wasn't signed in properly :)