08 January 2010

An Introduction

I'm not typically in the habit of naming my crockery. However, exceptions take place and so must introductions. With a nod, smile, and wave of hand, I present Edith. Edith, seen here, is warming olive oil for me in anticipation of some onions and garlic.

She is welcoming and practical. Pretty and ingenuitive. She can handle a frozen Christmas ham-bone and chicken stock, split peas and onion, tomatoes and yams, all with ease. Whatever you find to toss at her, she can handle. Now don't rush her, but wait. And when she's done, you'll be greatly rewarded with a serving of contentment and a sense of being happy to be yourself.

Spending time with Edith makes me imagine I'm her namesake, cooking on the farm for her family of eight. It's good to feel like Nanie V.


  1. Nice to meet you, Edith. Now, Anna, is she a Le Crueset?

  2. welcome! I would like to meet her sometime!

  3. Farrah,

    No, she isn't a Le Creuset (although those are lovely, lovely!), but made by "Lodge."

    They come in a variety of colors and got stellar reviews from Cooks Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen. They are on sale through Amazon and even some at Target for a fraction of the price.

    I'm very happy with her!

  4. My longtime friends, Ravi Ness and Abba Tite, insist upon meeting Edith.

  5. My vehicle is Annie.

    My husband's vehicle is Carl.

    Our way-cool vintage trailer is Lady Jane.

    My stove is Aggie.

    I name inanimate objects. I'm sure there's a 12 step program out there for such a malady but I don't care to venture out and find it cuz I'm just peachy happy with how things are in my little world.

    jAne *

  6. I see nothing wrong with naming non-living things! Of course I do it all the time: cars, trailers, cookery, sweaters, etc. And I think Edith is a lovely name for your new kitchen companion. Happy cooking!

  7. Thanks for the recommendation... we're looking for a dutch oven, and I think we might need to have a member of Edith's family join ours.

  8. Edith sounds like a dream!

    And I'm *so glad* to know that there is something out there that works as well as Le Creuset.--I'd like to have one but it's way out of our budget. (o: