26 September 2014

Le Vélo à La Cressonnière

Le vélo lives at La Cressonnière. She's a happy little gal, but when I was talking with her, she mentioned ... she doesn't have a name. I think she would very much like one. Any suggestions for a proper French name for my friend?

*ps- Lucette and Jane have friends with the most adorable names. Astrid, Augustine, Peroline, Juliette ... and doubly beautiful when said with a French accent!

*pps- It's so curious how our American "ear" can't make sense of certain sounds. It took Lucette two weeks to figure out Peroline's name. Perhaps because of the sounds and that they are unfamiliar names? Today I was helping out at school and I asked an 8 year-old boy in Jane's class what his name was. I swear it sounded like "Grandpa" with a French twist. Like "Gharahndpa." He repeated and I tried about five times. I don't think I ever got it right because he sweetly changed the topic and told me the only English phrase he knew: "Donkey Kong."

*ppps- Later in the day I found out Grandpa's name. It was Benjamin. Well, for heaven's sake.


  1. I've had fun hearing all the "English" names down here. Names are so fascinating. Oh, and I rather like, "Josette". :)

  2. Binoche as in Juliette and kind of like brioche.

  3. Such a lovely post. D and I ran French cell groups (in South Africa) for years. D did A-level French, I speak not a word (except le foi - for faith - we're a faith church so that word was heard a lot) but somehow we ran those cells and we all understood each other (GOD!!!).

    Oh, my point being... we had a lady called Juliette and another called Eugenie, and really, said in a French accent, there is nothing kinder to the ear :)

    1. Marcia, this is so encouraging. Thank you!! (And my friend Caroline's daughter is named Eugenie and you are right ... it's so gentle and lyrical when said in French!)

  4. I watched French movie trailer the other day and thought of you...with the flowing beautiful sounds... Benjamin...LOL...

  5. Anna~ I just love hearing your stories of French life..all the trials and laughs! I can VERY much relate to what you are going through as I try to teach Shashu phonics. Oh my. She simply cannot hear the sounds the way we say them. You must be very tired at the end of a day and glad to just chat with your family!!!