08 September 2014

To Love and Be Loved In Return

 Jane turned 9 years-old, yesterday. It was a lovely day. We had breakfast together, worked outside in the yard, tromped about in the creek and traveled to church for our very first service since we've arrived.

But most of all, we just celebrated Jane being Jane.

She has a remarkable gift in making other people feel special, even when she is the star attraction. 

She gasps with delight when you give her a calligraphy pen because she's always wanted one. She can't wait to get outside to use her new set of sandpaper or wood shaver on the branch she has been laboring over (it will make a good walking stick). And her eyes glitter over the hair ribbons that Peter picked out especially for her.

Her enthusiasm is so genuine, so gentle yet bright ... to be in her company is feels like a ray of sun just set up on your day.

Perhaps that is why Lucette was inspired to make a chocolate masterpiece in honor of Jane's day.

For Jane is a reminder that it is good to love and be loved in return.

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