19 September 2014

How to Buy a Corsage from a Treehouse Boutique

 We all know that quality and freshness go hand in hand. So first thing, when you need to buy a corsage from a 9 year-old treehouse entrepreneur, make sure that all blossoms have been picked within 24 hours and have been stored in a cool place, like her mother's refrigerator.

Next, you need to ask yourself, does the floral artist really take care in her craft? Does she have a vision? Does she keep a broom in her treehouse to signal an attention to detail and a tidy workspace? Does she look darling in her sundress and wear a contented smile?

If you find yourself answering yes to all these questions, proceed with confidence.

To begin, ring the bell at the establishment to let your florist know you are interested in her wares. She'll lean over from her ledge and give you a thumbs-up. You may now climb the ladder to begin the selection process.

As you are browsing, feel free to ask for recommendations in the assembling of your corsage. For instance, for a mere 20 centièmes more, you can add a sprig of greenery that will really make the whole bouquet come together.

 Once the assembly is complete, she'll wait patiently for you when you realize you forgot your money in all the excitement. When you are ready, just drop the fee in the bucket.

She'll haul up her cash to her boutique and lower back down the most beautiful corsage you ever could have hoped for.

And for free of charge, award you with a beaming smile to boot.

The corsage can be worn or placed any number of places. However, behind the ear is always a good choice and will even stay put during a rousing game of badminton.

Without a doubt, you will find that this is the best purchase you've made in ages.


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  2. What a beautiful post. I love the lighting in those photos and the way you wrote about the details. Waaaa- It made me miss you all. It must be my imagination (I hope) but LJ looks older already! Waaa. xoxo.

  3. How lovely.. both the little one and the corsage.. How fun.

  4. What a sweet idea, sweet corsage and sweet, beautiful child.