03 September 2014

First Day, Les Grands Enfants

Today, Peter and Lucette had la rentré scolaire in collegè (middle school). First days are always big. This seemed behemoth. And to be honest ... it was. It was overwhelming and confusing, but they did it. I am really proud of them.

And. I am really glad they have each other.

To be honest, I am rather emotional today. Prayer has been my occupation and thoughts to share are escaping me.

Somedays, some events, some seasons ... sometimes it's just like that.

I love these two so dearly. Somedays I feel like my heart is on the outside of my body ...

In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. Isaiah 30:15


  1. I'm going to claim that verse as my own too. I'm needing God's strength to be quiet and confident with mothering a rather fickle little girl right now. Thanks for sharing.

  2. No matter where you are, middle school is hard. These feelings your mother-heart has, I think every mother sending a child off to middle school has them to some degree. And yet, our faith is in the One who made our middle schoolers and loves them, the One who leads you, and the One whose sovereignty is over all. Praying for you, and for them, and am so happy that at the end of the day they return to a loving and safe home where they're taught and reminded Who loves them most of all.

  3. Oh, they look darling!! I know it must have been so hard to send them off. Hope school is going well!!