04 September 2014

A Light Meal to End the Day

We have been continuing to acclimate to our new culture. Some of it has been hard (hello, language.) but some of it ... like the food ... has been oh, so delightful.

However, I have been wondering how on earth these French mothers manage to get a good dinner on the table considering how late we all get home from school. The day is rather shifted and while the start is a bit later and the school lunches are long (hello, 1.5-2 hours.), we don't tumble through the doors at home until about 5pm. 

It was recently explained to me that lunchtime is considered the biggest meal of the day (again, hello long lunch hours) and dinner is more of a light meal. Often times a salad and perhaps accompanied by ...

... some of that ubiquitous French bread. 

(Just like in the movies and postcards, I see people biking with a bundle of baguettes in their basket or walking with several tucked under an arm. It is a deep, abiding part of their cultural fiber. And hurrah for that!)

This evening we served up a Salade Niçoise. I have no idea if I made it authentically French, but I used the ingredients we had on hand and bought at our local market ... and that seems like a good start.

So tonight we had dinner at about 7pm in the back garden (bonne idée, Lucette!) in the still-mild weather.

And we were all very satisfied.


  1. And a very pretty meal to behold as well! I love having a light meal at the end of the day, especially if I've had something substantial at mid-day. When there aren't expectations for a large meal in the evening it really takes the pressure off the cook and allows everyone to enjoy being together at the day ends. Lovely.

  2. wish we could have our big meal in the middle of the day, too! That is a very pretty salade necois - I served the same salad, although it had some different parts, to friends this weekend. It is always popular and easy.

  3. Mmmmm, French food! I spent about 4 weeks in the north east of France one summer, and I remember we had baguettes with Camembert cheese after every lunch and supper. Sometimes we had La Vach Qui Rit, but Camembert was better. Enjoy!

  4. Anna, Thank you for commenting on my blog. I'm so glad to visit your beautiful site. I love your photography and I look forward to seeing more of France through your eyes.

  5. I love catching up with you here! I also have adjusted to the bigger lunches and lighter dinners here in Portugal, and I like it better. Great pictures. :)