05 January 2013

To Explore Inside the Vatican

 Vatican "Swiss Guard" in still used Renaissance uniform.

 Jane and Pops taking in the grandeur.

Peter's intrigue in the Latin language increases ...

Interior view of the dome ...

 The magnificent Pieta. How marble can look soft and liquid, I'll never know, but we all stood transfixed by the emotion represented in Christ's body.

 Another dome, because they were just so cool.

Pops trying to get yet another photo where it looks like the children are holding up some piece of architecture.  

This was right before the children became so tired of all the marveling and sat down on the floor and we were reprimanded sternly by a severely faced Italian guard that there was no sitting on holy floor no matter what your age. The kids stood back up.

  ... and the view below as we began our climb upwards towards St. Peter's basilica ...

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  1. What a lovely blog you have - and it looks like you're finished with it.

    Happy Easter!