23 June 2015

In the Neighborhood: Tour de France!

Now look at this sign that was just posted near our little village. I was driving the kids to school and when I saw this sign, my mouth fell agape.

Tour de France is swinging through the neighborhood!

Are you a Tour de France follower? It's serious business for some people. What do we need to know, look for? We are newbies!


  1. So awesome! What a fun thing to happen in your neighborhood! :)

  2. Definitely get out there ahead of the riders to set up, shade is nice if you can find it, but a nice clear view of the road is a must. The sponsor cars driving ahead of the riders often throw freebies out to kids - key chains, that kind of thing, my boys loved it! As far as the race, it's just a big blur - first the leaders whiz by and then the peloton. There is hardly enough time to photograph much less try to identify any of the cyclists! The atmosphere is festive and fun, many of the spectators "groupies" who follow the Tour. Have fun!!!

    1. Wow, great info and tips, Liene. Thank you! Sounds like you have a lot of experience!

  3. This will be brilliant to watch!