07 July 2015

A Beautiful Woman on Market Day

It was market day and this beautiful woman had some shopping to do. And doesn't she look elegant?

In general, I think aging is a more respected process in France. It's a sign of honor to be referred to as "Madame" and when in doubt, always preferred to to the younger address of "Mademoiselle." Mademoiselle is for younger women and girls. As a friend explained, "Why would you want to be referred to as a girl? It's a pleasure being a woman!" Isn't this refreshing?

My husband's smart and gorgeous grandmother, Gigi, once told me she didn't like to be referred to as "cute," even when meant as a compliment. I didn't really understand the comment at the time, but I think I do now. Cute in exchange for beautiful or elegant or attractive has a different ring to it altogether. We don't cease to be women once we've left a certain season of life.

While certainly youth has it's signature beauty and aging has it's trials, no matter the country, I love the respect and appreciation given to women of "advancing stature" ... whether that is at 35 or 85. I love that women can present themselves with confidence and be considered beautiful at all ages.

Isn't this a good mindset to take on and habit to pursue?


  1. its very elegant building..
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  2. such a lovely timeless photo...and the colors are gorgeous

    1. Thank, Jill. And yes didn't the rain make everything hazy and lovely?

  3. What a wonderful post and photograph.

    I was amazed when I lived in France how vibrant the older population was compared to North America. They often biked and did everything on their own well into their 90's. It was refreshing to see that aging didn't mean disappearing.


  4. I love your photography! She looks very elegant.