16 November 2015

De La Paix: Paris

Hello, Friends. Life has been busy and the blog often becomes a good intention. To be honest, I forget about it sometimes and am always surprised (pleasantly) when someone emails to ask after us, because there hasn't been a post in a great while. Thank you.

And in these last few days we've received many emails and notes asking after us, following the recent events in Paris. We are well and safe, but hurt and confused ... like much of France ... like much of the world. I really lack words, so I will share the note I sent to friends and family:

It is evening here in France. Candles are lit in windows to signify the hearts of this country. Seek peace. Walking through the streets, looking through windows ... people sitting. candles lit. hearts in grief. prayers for peace.
Pray that the hearts of France somehow stay soft and sensitized in the wake of horror. That we not grow accustomed to a disregard of life. That peace will be pursued and wisdom desired.

Thank you for your kindness and prayers. In all things, somehow, incredibly, God is good.

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  1. Thank you for your update. What an event to be a witness to...praying for peace.