25 January 2011

Valley of the Sun, Pt. V

 The Sedona red-rocks. A truly glorious part of the country, I must say. We did not make it to the Grand Canyon, on this trip, but Sedona must surely rank right up there with stunning Arizona landscape.

For Peter's Christmas gift, we had planned an off-roading jeep tour. Our jeep guide drove us about and chatted us up and we all bounced and jostled about with glee. Peter took it in stride with a happy grin on his face ... and the girls got bumped and tossed into some serious giggle fits. I think the girls enjoyed the bumpy ride as much as any view!

 And of course, I took pictures. And more pictures. And more pictures. And my son stood there patiently ... until he could take it no more.

Our guide was kind enough to take a photo of all of us but insisted that the best picture was to be had if we stared straight at the sun. I think my eyes may still be watering.

But then again, squinty pictures can be awfully cute.

In and out of the jeep we went, stopping now and then for some exploring and exclaiming over all we saw. Our goal with the "experiences" was to participate as a family but enjoy in honor of one of the children. We thought this little day-adventure would be right up Peter's alley.

Now, my son is a quiet sort. He observes, thinks, imagines, responds. He enjoys people yet is content on his own. And he is, by far, the most reflective and contemplative of all my children. It fascinates me to watch him assimilate new experiences. He and I both tend to gravitate towards a sense of caution and hyper-responsibility, so his willingness for boldness, change, and challenge inspires me.

But of course, I'm his mother ... and it's all just good like that.