31 January 2011

The Faith That Binds

 Such joy was found in our mini family reunion this weekend. So much chatting and hugging, eating and laughing. The young boys tried out the zipline ... and the middle-aged boys too. Very cheer-worthy performances.

However, the sweetest part, by far, was the reuniting of my grandfather and his brother. It had been a number of years since they had been able to be together. And while so much wisdom is gained by the later years of life, sometimes the present-tense memory isn't what it used to be. But. Memories of the past? These two brothers had much to recall together.

 Sweet Aunt May had been quietly praying for this day, she told me. Uncle Frank has been asking to see his brother Alvin most everyday but she just didn't know how she could make it happen. Ability, health, geography ... so many things to stand in the way. So she prayed.

And God provided a way to celebrate family bonds and encourage us all to be faithful. Faithful to each other. Faithful in prayer. Faithful in Him. God is good.