14 September 2010

Hello. My Name is Prudence.

This summer was full of loafing about and not being too scheduled. Always a good thing. One endeavor that did keep my family busy was the clearing out of the green-space behind our fence. In addition to the installation of the now legendary tree swing, the children (and this time I do include Pops in this categorization) were also ecstatic about the end-of-summer zipline that came to fruition.

Much like said tree swing, the safety of the zipline is questionable, at best. Apparently, all the more reason to love it. The children (again, Pops included) have been scaling fences, hopping onto cable-suspended ropes and hurling their bodies towards an opposing tree that borders a steep, rocky, brambly drop-off. Oh, sigh.

It's one thing for my husband to taunt gravity and good sense with these danger-riddled behaviors, but the children. Oh, save the children.

But there they are, loving every minute of it.

Zipping along with full confidence ...

... concentration on their brows ...

... completely lacking (what I consider) a healthy sense of fear ...

... and having the time of their lives.

While I do want my children to actually reach adulthood and survive their childhood while under our care ... I love to see how they are learning to view life as an adventure and opportunity. Prudence is good. But why watch life from the sidelines all in the name of it? I think I get it.

Tomorrow. Stay tuned. For thrills or peril, Anna throws prudence to the wind.


  1. My birds loved sharing your fun space. We think a little risk is good...a tree to climb, a wall to balance on...even cool ocean waves bring a lovely element of "safe" risk. There are just too many very safe, very litigation free places for children. gini

  2. Anna~
    What fun! I will be watching...
    good luck. LOL

  3. this is just six kinds of awesome.

  4. Oh the fun, oh the memories! Can't wait to see you tempt danger.