22 September 2010

Last of the Summer Hydrangea

As much as I love fall, it's always a bit hard to say goodbye to summer. So nice the hydrangea gave a last showy farewell.

What do you like about this seasonal transition we are in?


  1. Hydrangeas - some of my most favourite flowers, beautiful at every stage. And so vintagey looking when you dry them! Perfect x

  2. I love hydrangeas! They're very popular in Japan~grown practically everywhere. Unfortunately they stopped blossoming sometime back in late August/early September. That was sad...but the arrival of Autumn has truly made us happy as can be.

  3. Lovely. Hydrangeas always remind me of my grandmother.

    As for the seasonal transition... it can't come fast enough because I live in the land of {what seems to be} an endless summer. It's been such a hot, humid, buggy 4.5-5 months I am, quite rudely, shooing summer out the back door while opening the front door in wide welcome to fall.

  4. The wind. I'm loving the wind this month after a summer that was filled with still, humid, 90-degree days where you felt like if you laid down on the grass your body would slowly melt into it and you would be no more. But now the wind is bringing whispers of autumn to us from Canada (and some desperately needed rainfall). Next week we will be heading north to Mackinac Island where the color show should already be in full swing.

  5. The cool mornings. I walk to work most days, and there's nothing worse then getting to work sweaty and miserable early in the morning during the summer.

  6. Oh, not only are those beautiful flowers, but they are beautiful photos as well.