08 September 2010

A Woodland Celebration

Miss Jane had a birthday today. Miss Jane turned five. In honor of her special day, we crafted a woodland themed party and invited five little girls over to celebrate.

After finding some inspirational woodland animal cookie cutters months ago, I've had a grand time coming up with ideas for the day. Upon arrival, the girls busied themselves with gnome coloring pages and taking turns cutting out and be-sprinkling sugar cookies. Choices, choices ... fox, bear, snail, squirrel, and my favorite ... hedgehog.

Into the oven the cookie friends went, to be bagged up once cooled and sent home in their goody bags.

Next came some cozy stories and poems out of a book from my own childhood collection. The illustrations alone send my imagination into a fairyland of it's own. So nostalgic.

We capitalized on a sun break (the rains have returned!) to engage in pinecone spoon races and get a few wiggles out.

We then moved onto craft time. We made mossy pencil holders (oasis foam hot-glued inside Ikea mugs covered with craft moss) to place our toadstool pencils in. I'm not normally very craft-inclined, but this project was awfully fun.

Ahead of time, spray paint wooden craft balls (with dowel hole) a zippy red and hot-glue onto pencils. Allow little fairy girls to paint white toadstool spots upon.

Makes for a good centerpiece decoration, as well!

Now seriously. How cute are these? Into the goodie bags they went alongside the cellophane-bagged cookies, and coloring sheets. Tie on a helium balloon and there you have it. A sweet little thank-you for guests to take home.

And then. The tasties. Neapolitan ice cream with chocolate sprinkles in punch cups. Scoop up prior to party, place on tray, and keep in freezer 'til ready to serve. I am the world's slowest ice-cream scooper, so this time-saver strategy is a must.

Alongside the frosty cups, we indulged in mint-spriged water ('cause that's how the fairies drink it) and little bowls of raspberry jelly candies. And of course, cupcakes and candles to make a wish upon. Miss Jane had a twinkle in her eye today. I think she was most pleased.

And see her dress? Another relic from my childhood made by my own sweet mama when I was just Jane's size. Yes, there was much memory making today.

Happy Birthday, Jane. You are so very dear to us.


  1. Oh my goodness, Anna. What a precious party! Your ideas were so darling. And I just had to comment. Your Gyo Fujikawa poetry book is in my girls' bedroom right now. It was one of my very favorites as a little girl, too, and Julia, especially, delights in it! I always especially loved "Winken, Blinken and Nod" and the one with the tree filled with candies that fall to the ground as the dog and the cat quarrel below. How I wanted to be that little girl under the tree. Much love to you, Anna. See you soon.


  2. Oh it's just beautiful!!!

    The girls all look like they were styled for a photoshoot. :)

    xoxo C

  3. Fantastic!!! Happy Birthday!! You are such a great host and mom!!

  4. Wow! What a great party idea!! LOVE the red & white toadstools - so graphically pleasing! Seriously, get Martha Stewart on the phone and tell her about it, you could even submit these photos for her magazine.

  5. This is all so adorable!!! love all your details and happy birthday sweet girl!!

  6. Cute, cute, cute! Creatively planned and beautifully executed. What a lovely, special day for an equally lovely and special girl.

    I love the wooden spool toadstool on your cupcakes. Delightful.

    I see your made-over chair in the background and it looks wonderful

  7. oh, my GOODNESS, next year you are inviting me to be an assistant so I can enjoy the party. I will just invite myself, actually. Those CUPCAKES! Her DRESS!!!! I am in love with all of it, I love those photos, the craft...SO awesome! Love!

  8. What a fun birthday, you are very creative. I loved looking at the photos -- especially the one that had my granddaughter in it!

  9. what an adorable party! Happy birthday to you little lady!

  10. Fantastic!!! I'll be bookmarking this one for later inspiration. :)

  11. LUUUUV it! Wow! As I waited (in google reader) for your photos to load, I was on edge with delivered. Your photography stuns me...leaves me breathless at times. Your whites are so perfectly white. i would love to learn from you sometime!

    The party was beautiful! You are such a wonderful mama! Such special memories! Happy Birthday dear Jane!

  12. this is SO cute without going overboard. just love the little toadstools : )

    deb meyers

  13. a LOVELY party! I just started planning a woodland themed 3rd birthday for Eliana, too. You have some wonderful ideas. Too bad my girl and her guests will be a bit young for most of them. =)

  14. Anna, this is a *wonderful* party! I love how it doesn't look like "every other party out there" right now with the one table with the snacks displayed on it (way too many of them) and the cupcake toppers, etc. I love how your table is set with those darling punch cups and the way the balloons look in the background and the top photo is just priceless. I also really like the glass bowls (I have the same one) filled with moss. Delightful! Thank you for the peak at a very child-friendly birthday party! Kelly

  15. I want this to be my birthday party. What beautiful girls and a beautiful day!

  16. Oh Happy Birthday, Sweet Jane. Much love and many fairy kisses from your friends at Open Door Farm.
    (It looks like a perfectly wonderful party! ...the cupcakes in the pretty polka dot papers caught my eye