01 September 2010

Shopping My Cupboards

I'm not sure who first expressed the notion ... "It's not always about what more you can acquire, but about how you can use what you already have," ... but they were spot on. I'm always amazed how fun and satisfying shopping my own cupboards can be.

Table runner, two serving platters, wire napkin basket, dishes: All wedding gifts from 12 years ago. And centerpiece? Thrifted milk glass vase filled with fern and heuchera cuttings from the front yard.

Add Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes and plenty of sunshine. Very nice, indeed.


  1. I simply love the fresh look of this! beautiful finds, all!

  2. It looks so lovely! Oh, and is "shopping my cupboards" the same as "shopping my closet"? Because I do that all the time, it's loads cheaper than "shopping the internet". {grin}

  3. Wise, and true, words. We try to upcycle the things we have before upgrading or donating-it's a good lessong for us as well as our children.

    Your setting, by the by, is so breautiful and crisp. I don't suppose you'd like to share the recipe for your scrumptious looking cupcakes?

    Have a lovely day,


  4. The table runner ties it all together perfectly, the setting and photo look as though they came straight out of Southern Living magazine!

    I must know, what was the happy occasion?!

  5. Christian & S. Lady-

    The cupcakes were just for a little evening Bible Study treat. 'Cause you know more people are coming if there is good grub!

    As far as recipe? Total cheater recipe. Vanilla cupcake mix ... from a box! Make buttercream frosting but use lemon juice and add lemon zest. Top with blueberries!