02 September 2010

Holding on to Time

Sometimes it's hard to believe we won't always have impish little faces in our home. Amidst all the crazy, for the time being, we are still gifted with a little bit of deliciousness about us. But to me, that is the true marvel of photography ... the ability to quietly capture fleeting moments, feelings, emotions. The way a little nose is shaped or how lips part in concentration. Downcast eyes and sweet, smooth skin.

A way to hold on to time and then present it over and over again.


  1. Oh, she is breathtaking! Such sweet, innocence.

    I agree, the beauty of photography isn't so much about composition and light and focus, as it's about the people and places and little things that shouldn't slip from memory.

  2. Mmm, I know that feeling too...beautifully expressed :).