30 September 2010

To Give and Receive

I am loving these images from Jane's family birthday party. Watching her open gifts is one of my favorite pastimes. Of course, the presents are fun to give, but Jane is always so exceptionally appreciative that the giver just wants to melt.

Pink cowgirl hat from Grandma? Loves it. Doesn't even care if we leave the price-tag thingy on. Homemade golden jewelry box from Grammy and Gramps? So utterly breathtaking, she's near speechless. Hot pink flip-flops that light up and a lamp for her new desk? Everything she's ever wanted.

Without fail, she'll ooooo and ahhhh, eyes all a-glitter, as though the item she just received is the very thing she's wished for all her life.

I know the feeling, my dear. I think the same thing every time I look at you.


  1. Beautiful photos...I love the timeless quality that was captured :). Happy b-day to your little girl!

  2. What a darling! Such a beautiful post.

  3. She is, quite possibly, the most beautiful pink pixie I've every seen. It's not wonder the sight of her makes you gush!

    Praise God for pink blessings in the form of grateful little girls.

  4. This is one of the most precious gifts you are giving your babes...the gift of seeing, beautifully seeing, themselves through their momma's loving eyes (and lens!). The photos are absolutely wonderful as is the text..