27 September 2010

Evening Meal, Alfresco

Regretfully, none of us are particularly skilled in foreign languages. That said, the children learned to ask for dinner "alfresco" long ago. Whenever the weather permits, we scurry outside to eat our meals. Besides the obvious benefit of a "who cares about crumbs or spills" mentality, the pace of the day seems to pull back when we dine outside.

We sit. We chat. We eat slowly. We notice how a wine glass base fits perfectly in the table grooves. We comment on the evening sunlight and the curious shadows it casts.

When it comes to slow, indulgent, and appreciative methods of dining, I think the Italians have it down pat. Lazy dinners with grilled chicken and pasta? Wine and evening sunshine? Happy children and long conversations? Oh, grazie!

Buon Appetito.


  1. Fresh air and the afternoon glow does make for a more relaxing backdrop to dinner. I can't wait until it gets a bit cooler. I love the nip in the air that calls for something warm to drink after supper is over.

  2. As always Anna, you have made the ordinary extraordinary! What a beautiful picture. We too enjoy eating outside,especially in the Fall when we know that every outdoor meal bay be our last for a while!

  3. One of my wishes for this house, or our next house, is to have an inviting outdoor living space that invites outdoor dining, because you're right the pace slows down and we enjoy each other and our food more (with thanksgiving).

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