18 May 2010

Upon My Return

We have a new swing. After months of battling rogue blackberry bushes, our green space is now a magical playland. Albeit an area rife with injurious possibilities ... but magical nonetheless.

I was gone this past Friday and Saturday at a women's church event. The family didn't really miss me. They stayed up late, ate leftover bits and carrot sticks, turned the bathrooms inexplicably filthy, and took a trip to the Home Depot. Some rope, pulleys, clamps, and a little outdoor-savvy later ... a suspended tree swing came into existence.

It's not coincidental that this effort took place while I was away. The swing is only marginally safe ... in my opinion. But Pops, with a one-shoulder shrug, deflected my concerns. Really, Mom. Is it that big of a deal that you can swing into large shrubbery or potentially fall off into a mondo barricade of branches and bramble that border a steep, swampy hill? Relax, Mom, relax!

Not only was the swing erected, but Peter broke ground on his new pit. With the arrival of the bunnies, his pit digging zone was displaced. He has been a bit of an aimless wanderer lately, mourning his loss of excavation abilities. Well sorrow no more, my son! Dig, dig, dig.

Of course, I'm sure our neighbors must think we are digging graves for any souls that may be lost to the swing. But then ... I think they've already realized we're too odd to figure, and probably don't attempt to bother.

So swing on, dig deep, my family. I have a feeling that memories are being made of a fond and dear childhood.

I'm so glad I left for the weekend. So much can be found ... and realized ... upon return.


  1. That is fantastic, Anna! What a perfect ingredient for a happy childhood! Good for you for taking the retreat, and good for your husband for seizing the opportunity to provide your kids with a great construction project and many resulting hours of bliss. Some of my favorite childhood memories take place on our backyard swing. And nowadays, our tire swing tends to be a neighborhood kid-magnet. I bet that's what's in store for you!

  2. Kids (I mean your husband) will play while the wife is away!! Looks like fun! Great memories and I am sure a lot of laughter to be heard!!

  3. Looks like great fun! I remember many merry days of swinging when I was a fact today, even, I still sometimes swing when I have the chance! I bet it will be more popular with the neighbors than you think....

    By the way, if you have a minute, I'd love for you to pop by my blog and sign up for my giveaway! I'm offering to make a hand embroidered bread cloth for the winner.

  4. I completely understand your feelings. Completely. From the dangers of the swing to the neighbors considering you odd. We are so there.

    I hope your time away was refreshing!

  5. Beautifully written and such sweet moments captured. I love how all three of your kids are playing in rain boots!

    I'm a firm believer that while it's good for mom to getaway from time to time it's just as good for the children and daddies to have time together without mom being around.

    Can we come over to swing and dig? Are rain boots required?