07 May 2010

Good Little Things

I watched a French foreign film recently and the chic main character favored striped blue and white Breton tees. Love them. In fact, I might wear them everyday 'til I'm 70. Well, maybe not, but I do think they are just about t-shirt perfection.

After getting dressed this morning, I was looking through some necklaces to compliment the shirt and came upon this little ladybug. Pops gave it to me the day Lucette was born, 7 years ago tomorrow. He thought it would be a sweet thing for a baby to look at while cuddled up with mama.

Somehow, the gift means more to me now than when I first received it. Funny how good things are like that.


  1. Oh my, I adore your ladybug pendent!!!

    Blue and white stripes never grow old and they look good on anyone.

  2. I like the photo. And the shirt/necklace. Where did you find the shirt?

  3. Dawnelle-

    It's from the teeny-bopper store called Forever21. The place gives me a headache and makes me feel as if I'm several decades older than I actually am ... but...

    The price? $10.50

  4. I think navy/white looks so crisp and classic. And I *love* the ladybug pendent! (o:

  5. Ok, I meant to write a note ages ago when you wrote this post, but it was one of those times that I was just checking my reader quickly and didn't have time to comment... I have a lot of those kind of times... anyways, I just wanted to tell you that at the time I read it, I was wearing the exact same top. I think there is a distinct possibility you and I may have been separated at birth.