07 May 2010

Acquiring a Fondness

Recently I posted about my distaste for ironing. Blah. However, I was fascinated by the comments. Such a polarizing chore! It seems you gals either love or hate it. Now, the cringe crowd ... I get it. But some of you relish this task as almost an art-form. Well, knock me over with a feather!

Always one for a chore gimmick, I was particularly curious by Kelly's comment about how she loves to use spray starch and how crisp and lovely the garments turn right before her eyes.

Figuring housewives have been starching for centuries, mustn't there be a homemade version I could concoct and even make sweet smelling? Yes, of course!

After a little research, here's what I ended up with: Mix 1/4 c. cold water with 1 T. cornstarch. Mix well. Add about 3 cups of very hot water, stirring to combine. Add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil, if you'd like (It'll make the house smell good, too). All done! Wait to cool, place in spritzer and shake well before each use.

Kelly, you're right! It is kind of fun to hear that crackle pop of the steamy iron and watch the wrinkles vanish. Now, those of you who use the store bought starch ... if you try the homemade version, will you let me know if you think it competes? What other tips do you all have for me? I think I just might be developing a new fondness.


  1. Oh, I will give that a try. Anything to help in the ironing department would make me smile.

  2. Wow, I never thought about making my own spray starch! While I like the smell of the store bought kind, lavender oil would make it so much better! I'm definitely going to give the homemade version a try ... hmmm, perhaps I'll try rose or sandlewood oil :)

  3. Great recipe for spray starch.

    However, it still doesn't inspire me to iron. Ironing is just for very cold days. Or for husbands to do (I wish).

  4. Sorry, the lavender sounds great but still not interested in ironing! LOL (= BUT I did want to make a comment that I LOVE the yellow and grey!!

  5. Not going to enjoy the ironing, but I LOVE that shirt!