25 May 2010

A Wedding Shower

This past weekend afforded us a delightful time to celebrate the impending wedding of my brother and his soon-to-be-bride with a lovely little shower.

Well-loved family and dear, dear friends gathered to share in this bit of life together. How wonderful for the two families to meet and laugh together before the wedding day.

While the event was to be held in our home, my mother was a wonderful partner in planning and hosting. We decided simple, but well-done would be our goal. Naturally, we focused on the food to set the tone ... doesn't tasty food just make you feel good?

On the menu:
• Cakes - Carrot, Fruit Chantilly, Chocolate Torte
• Cheese Platter w/ Crackers
• Chilled Grapes
• Marcona Almonds
• Chocolate Truffles
• Baguette Tea Sandwiches
• Punch

The cakes, we decided, we'd leave to the professionals. While we don't mind time in the kitchen, we didn't want to be too exhausted or busy to enjoy our guests. This was my first time ordering a cake, and it was a lovely treat. Edible artwork!

The open-faced sandwiches were a smash-hit and oh, so easy. Slice baguettes thinly. Spread goat cheese and top with smoked salmon and capers and then an herbed chevre with english cucumber slices and a sprinkle of dill. I think I could eat this all day long.

For the punch, out came Grandma's punch bowl and cups. (These are at the thrift stores all the time for a very good price!) I purchased some peach and white cranberry juice and froze some in a bundt pan with some fresh mint-sprigs the night before. Right before the guests come, pop out of pan into the bowl. Add more juice and ginger-ale. Voila!

We used a number of stunning orchids as decorations and then offered them up as give-a-ways for some lucky ladies. So glad we did this! And my sweet mother found some beautifully milled soaps and wrapped them up like little petit-fours to give as parting gifts. They smelled divine and were so gorgeous, you almost wanted to take a nibble.

What a gift it was to us to prepare the day for Allie. She has become a fast treasure to our family. She has an ease and grace that make her a gal you just like to be around. No wonder my brother scooped her up as soon as he could.

And this morning I woke up to find the wheelbarrow of flowers that Jane picked special for the party ... and I smiled. Ah, the fancies of us girls. We do like flowers and parties. So glad we had the occasion to indulge in both.


  1. Gorgeous photos!! What a great and fun reason to celebrate!! Congratulations on having a new sister!

  2. You've been pleasantly busy! Will you throw a shower for me -- we can think of a reason later!

    Beautifully accomplished and beautifully captured, and there is more celebrating to come!

  3. So beautiful and welcoming. I love the wheelbarrow and, the way you captured and shared the day. It looks like effortless beauty.

  4. Oh my, everything looks so elegant and beautiful! The milled soap petit fours are charming and I would love some of the cucumber tea sandwiches, please. It looks like a wonderful time was had by all. Lovely.

  5. Very lovely, Anna! Your blog reminds me so much of Pleasantview Schoolhouse in lovely simplicity. Have a blessed day!

  6. wow, GREAT job!!!!! Love all of the pictures, everything looked so pretty!

  7. How beautiful! What a special and precious time! Sweet memories.

  8. Wow. That is my kind of party! What a wonderful celebration!