13 May 2010

The Ringing of Opportunity

It was a very brief phone call after dinner. I heard the laughter and near-hyperventilation of the children, but I chose to ignore it. After all, it was just a very brief phone call.

Apparently, it was still enough time for a four year-old to repurpose her chocolate ice-cream cone, proceed to paint her face with it, then growl and claw about claiming she was going to "teach some bears a lesson."


  1. Love,love, love the face. That is such a crack up. She really does look pretty devious. :)

    So glad you captured the moment. :)

  2. what a GREAT expression you captured!!

  3. It'll be a lesson those bears will never forget, to be sure! You had me laughing out loud here. Too funny.

  4. Silly girl! Watch out bears!

    What a great captured moment.

  5. That face is SO funny! Aren't you glad you captured that moment?!