21 May 2010

My Little is a Little Bigger

Our little lovey finished preschool for the year. Such a positive experience for all of us. Neither of the other children did a formal preschool, so I was hopeful but a bit uncertain about sending my sweet imp.

But, I needn't have troubled. Just a couple of hours twice a week, full of crafts, song, snacks and friendships. Not to mention the dear, dear teachers who shared about Jesus' love for them and modeled it themselves.

She was a proud little bug, that closing ceremony night. And we were proud too.


  1. She's growing up so fast!!! Cutest bug ever!!

  2. It was only yesterday that her mom was in the same place. What a joy!

  3. these pictures are so adorable anna, especially loving those headabands and a preschool teacher emulating Jesus...awesome!!!

  4. What a sweet little bug! This post makes me excited for us as we'll be venturing into the world of preschool for the first time with Little Brother this fall.