22 September 2009

My Little Is Big

Jane had her first day of preschool today. Her favorite outfit (thank you, Gigi!) selected, sweater buttoned, and mouse "pack-kack" with cheese wedge zipper-pulls donned.

We arrived and she set right into an apple painting project with zest. A little smile, wave, and a promise to see me in a couple of hours. I expected to feel sad or emotional, but I just felt at peace. For this, I am grateful. I then proceeded to enjoy 2 hours of alone time in the middle of the day ... a first in eight and a half years. A quick errand, some devotional time at home, and a pot of tea to accompany my almost-finished library book. I could get used to this.

Now I have my lovey back home and we've a few more hours 'til we pick up the "bigs." A little lunch, bagging the simmering chicken stock for the freezer, dinner prep (soccer practice tonight!), and scrubbin' the bathrooms should fill up the time nicely. And maybe if I hurry ... I can squeeze in some read time and polish off that book. Yup. That's my kind of incentive.


  1. Oh fantastic!! What a great day!! I'm glad you enjoyed some time for you and I am glad she enjoyed her day at school!!

  2. Now I am REALLY loving your blog! Chicken stock!?!

    I clicked on the link and I am not believing my eyes...(and I'm a bit embarrassed, too) save all your peelings and ends and stumps? And do you just rinse them and freeze 'em until you have enough for stock? All these years I've tossed out those scraps and peelings...what I've missed! I never dreamed. Oh thank you for enlightening me! We're a soup family and I will put this to good use!

    Your Jane is precious! Such a sweet smile and how wonderful to feel your heart at peace this morning.

  3. J-

    Yup! You got it. Peel 'em and shove 'em in a ziploc kept in the freezer. When I have one or two bags full and a chicken carcass, it's time to make stock!

    I do rinse the veggies before I peel them, and toss any really suspicious/grungy spots. But I keep carrot tops/ends, etc. I don't worry about it too much since it's boiled for so long. What's a little dirt, right??

    Let me know how it goes! It's quite a satisfying process and your soups will be de-lish!

  4. cuuuuuute!!!! I LOVE her!

    I hope she had such a fun and special first day at "school" like the bigs. :)

  5. Oh, she is a doll... but I don't have to tell you that! Her first day outfit is scrumptious! What fun, Jane, a school just for you.

    Anna, enjoy your quiet moments!

    I made and froze chicken stock today too. A very gratifying task.

  6. Congrats on having time to THINK. alone. And, a blessing to see that your time is WELL spent.

  7. How sweet, I love her outfit! I too value a little "me" time. I hope you enjoy yours.