26 September 2009

Acorns in Milkglass

We like Fridays. No school, so that means a relaxed day. We do clean rooms on Fridays and the kids crack out a few chores, but in general, there is lots of loafing about. Today there was even time for a screening of Milo and Otis. A movie classic, if you want our reviews.

And as I was avoiding dinner prep, I noticed the afternoon sun sliding over our bowl of birthday acorns. Afternoon light is so mysterious. Dark and textured yet bright and smooth.

But, time to put an end to my lolly-gagging. As lovely as the tableau is, somehow I don't think my family would be content with acorn-staring in place of their dinner. Off I go ...


  1. But, alas, acorns drenched in sunlight won't fill empty tummies no matter how beautiful they are! I love late afternoon light... I think one of my hobbies is watching how the light changes throughout the day and the seasons.

  2. Anna, thanks for your kind words regarding wishing you could browse my booth. I wish you could too. :) It would be fun to meet you. I think that's one of the things I'm most looking forward to, is meeting and talking to different people, seeing who picks up, stops to linger over which items, etc. A whole new adventure . . .

    I don't know if I've ever seen acorns that are green like this. They are quite lovely! I browsed your dessert picnic post briefly and am looking forward to going and reading it now. Sounds like such a delightful little tradition. One we'll have to implement. Kelly