18 September 2009

Welcoming Autumn

I do love fall. It is without question, my favorite season. In the northwest, it is crisp, mild, sunny, and gorgeously vibrant all at once. Such a polite transition between the bright, carefree days of summer and the gray, hunkered-down weeks of winter.

Yesterday we went about the house putting up nods to the new season. A few garlands, a couple wreaths, candles, some autumnal books, and most certainly pumpkins. For me, the rich, yet neutral color palette found in fall decorations bring on feelings of cozy and content. (It doesn't hurt that the effort brings enjoyment all the way through November, either!)

And today, while Peter was out running a President Lincoln-shaped corn maze, the girls and I managed to do some planting in the newly cleaned out garden box. Some winter cabbage, onions, beets, and parsnips will be (fingers crossed!) making their way to the dinner table for the, now resumed, Sunday mealtimes.

A few things to tidy up this afternoon, some baking to do for tomorrow's church event. But my immediate plans involve a cup of tea and my new library book. Have I mentioned that I just adore fall?

1 comment:

  1. We perused the pumpkins today! I'm with you, I do love the coziness, yet brightness, of autumn. This weekend marks the last weekend of summer... I think I should throw a party to happily say goodbye to one season while happily welcoming another all at the same time.