06 September 2009

On My Mind

I stumbled upon some photos I had forgotten to post. Perhaps as our trip to Honduras has been on my mind today. Ambrocio is hoping to take a trip to the States later this month and is still praying for funding. We are praying along with him and are anxious to see how it all progresses. Pray with us as we are working through our slow communication processes and asking God how we can best participate.

For now, these photos are making me smile and reminding me of His goodness and provision:

Peter and his friend, Edward

Pops on the very left-hand side. This is the church structure they are next to and are pickaxing a trench for the parsonage foundation.

This is how you make sand in Sigatepeque! Take silty gravel and toss it through a screen until really lovely sand sifts through. You need the sand to mix with the concrete, to mix with the water (that you hauled in buckets from Blanca's house, up the road), to make mortar, to lay the bricks. It's quite a process, but oddly fun. There is such a sense of camaraderie as you are working together. No fancy equipment, so you rely on and labor with each other.

Pastor Hector Orlando is fearless in helping lay supports for the roof!

Ambrocio setting brick.

Peter carries the much used 1st Aid kit.

Pastor Elmer lays brick for the parsonage that is to be home for his family. (That's one of his darling daughters, Noami, over his shoulder.) He has one working eye and travels by bicycle over gravely roads to construction jobs to support his family. In his "spare" time, he passionately serves his village as pastor. It's our prayer that his community will be blessed and will support him, in turn. Many pastors go for years and years without ever receiving any kind of tithe or financial support.

Josue at work. (See the rubble to the right? That is what they were pickaxing! The "dirt" was barely softer than concrete and Pops, with his bulging and manly muscles, actually bent the steel part of a pick-axe! We were most impressed.)

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  1. Such precious days that you won't soon forget. What a privilege to be part of Christ's work there.