10 September 2009

The Second Day

So far, my favorite part of school has been picking them up. Yes, I am anxious to have them home for the day. But what I really love, is approaching the head of the car line for after school pick-up and seeing my two standing there ... together. I snatch a few seconds of observation while they have not yet spotted me. Lucette stands close to Peter. Turns spontaneously to hug him. He puts his arm around her. Sigh. I'm so happy they are there together.

Both dove into their homework this afternoon, with surprisingly pleasant attitudes. While wrangling the laborious phonograms, Peter says to me, "Mom. I gotta' find out the name of the land bridge that connects Egypt to Israel." Uh, what?

He goes on to explain to me that while discussing geography and land bridges in class, he mentioned one that the teacher was not immediately familiar with. She requested he find out the name and he was happy to oblige. A quick google search and wikipedia scan later ... jackpot. "See, Mom? There it is. Just what I was talking about."

In case you were wondering, it's called "The Isthmus of Suez." Peter proceeded to scavenge for greater detail. I'm just going to work on trying to pronounce "Isthmus."


  1. Methinks your Peter will thrive in the classroom!

  2. Thanks for the trivia and the glimpse at siblings clinging to each other outside of the home! Webster Dictionary online has a great feature for hearing pronunciations of words!