01 September 2009

Things I Avoided Today

After sharing my get-it-done strategies, I thought I better balance it out with another kind of list. So, here is all I didn't do today:

• Disposing of poor little squirrels that met an untimely end.
It's heartless, but I think I'll just toss them over the fence into the green space. Just not today.

• Scrubbing out the muffin pans.
Yeesh. I really hate this part of making muffins.

• Figuring out why I have a dead fern stump that seems to be sprouting a feather sitting on my kitchen counter.
It's sad how long it's been there. Heather asked, "What's up with the dead plant and the feather shoved in the pot?" Uh, I'm not really sure. It's been there so long it's starting to look normal.

• Preparing for school next week.
I really need to spend time organizing clothes, figuring out lunches, conceptualizing the schedule -- but playing 3 games of Sorry with Peter was more fun.

• Spraying the weeds.
We have some serious black clover that is taking over. But, ugg. Do I really want to mix the nasty chemicals and put on ratty weed-battling clothes? Mmmm, not really.

• Figuring out a doable chore schedule for the kids this fall.
Yeah, I really gotta' do this one sometime soon.

• Helping my girls learn to calmly work through the "She dumped my beads out all over the floor!" crisis.
Instead, I just yelled from the kitchen, "Pick up the beads, both of you! And stop screaming!" Parenting at it's best. I should write a book, no?

• Tidying the floor of my closet.
A portable oil heater, large oscillating fan, and myriad empty boxes are proving a little hard to dress around. It would probably take about 15 minutes to tidy the whole thing, but instead, I think I'll go eat a brownie.

I'm inclined to believe strategic avoidance qualifies as a honed skill ... don't you agree?


  1. Now THIS is a post I can relate to!
    Made me laugh.
    And wish for a brownie.

  2. I loathe muffin pan scrubbing too.

    Who says you can't have a potted feather?!

  3. I think yelling from the other room is fabulous parenting. Helps them put the "crisis" in perspective (it's not that big of a deal) and allows them to figure out how to work through their anger together without adult interference. Not that this is always ideal, but I think a sprinkling now and then is probably refreshing. You don't want to get stale. :)

  4. I too love the potted feather, could be worse, right? LOL I loved your list, my list would sound like yours also. My time is more free lately, Audrey, is attending public school for the first time this year. 9th grade, I balled for about 4 days. :) I guess it was like going to kinder. LOL