14 September 2009

Lovin' Dem Cakes

It's hard not to love pancakes. Do you like them with a little butter and maple syrup? Perhaps some peanut butter and applesauce? Or how about topped with yogurt and drizzled with agave. Mmmm. Maybe the only thing better, is having the mix already set to go for those morning tummy rumbles.

Pancake dry mix:
6.5 c. flour (I used an approximate 2:1 ratio of whole wheat to white flour)
.5 c. sugar
.5 c. baking powder
2.5 t. salt

Breakfast time:
1 c. (heaping) dry mix
1 beaten egg
1.5 c. milk
1 T oil

Mix the wet with the dry (will be a tad lumpy) and cook up dem 'cakes. (I usually triple the recipe for my ravenous bunch.)

**I like to put the mix in a 2 quart mason and the write the (above) recipe on the screw top lid. 'Cause as simple as the ingredients are, you know I'll forget the measurements at 7:00am!

Extras? Pop them in the freezer for later! The toaster oven works magic on them.


  1. That recipe could not be easier! A proper, thoughtful breakfast starts any day out right, but these days I have had trouble finding motivation for fixing anything but a cup of yogurt. (I blame the rainy weather that makes me want to stay in bed.) :) Having a pre-made, homemade mix like this on hand will just be wonderful. Thanks!

  2. What a great staple to have on hand.

    I've noticed that you seem to cook with agave frequently. I'm curious, having never used it, how does it compare to sugar? What do the little, discerning tongues in you house think of it?

  3. Christian,

    Agave syrup looks and tastes very similar to maple syrup. In fact, we use it on fruit, yogurt, pancakes, in baked goods, just as you would use maple syrup.

    It is a little sweeter than sugar (like maple), but has a low glycemic index so no blood sugar spikes.

    I can find it at Trader Joes, Whole Foods, or from a "hippie co-op" I like to order from.

    If you can find it, get it in the "Raw"--little better nutrients and a richer color/flavor.

    By the way, my kids love it.

  4. My kids love pancakes and having a mix at hand is a great idea. Looking foward to trying your recipe. Thanks:)