21 September 2009

Teatime for Little Hands

Jane had a friend (and a few fairies) for tea today.

Forget the chat of weather, ailments, and the trials of finding good help. These ladies have delightful manners and are skilled in the art of conversation. Favorite topics include: Flight patterns of ladybugs, the merits of pearls, and favorite snacks in general.

Teatime concluded with plans to visit each other's respective houses once they grow up and are mothers. I do hope they invite me.


  1. I hope they invite me too!

    Darling, darling photos.

  2. me, too!

    adorable, sweet pictures!

  3. How sweet! We had tea yesterday. Our conversation involved potty-talk and superheros. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a little girl or two to help civilize the conversation ;)
    Love the photos!

  4. I love tea parties... I don't know much about the flight of lady bugs, but I would love to learn!!!