23 September 2009

A Sunny Dish

The tomatoes on my windowsill turned into a lovely meal for my mouth.

I really should take more time to plate food with thought. The sunny yellow slices were exceptionally tasty when presented on my thrifted 1950's clover platter. Of course, the lemon pepper, sea salt, balsamic, and basil helped out a smidge, as well. Mmm.


  1. I made bruschetta out of mine yesterday. An excellent and simple use of tomatoes. :)

  2. Love the plate. And, I must ask, did the tomatoes come from your garden-box? They are beautiful. I was on a tomato kick a few weeks ago, now not so much, but I'm fickle like that these days.

  3. Why, yes! The tomatoes did come from our garden box plantings. The peas did not cooperate, but these little beauties were quite compliant!

  4. I've been looking at all your lovely pictures! So pretty!