19 May 2010

A New Use for an Old Thing

She padded past me with these on her feet. "What happened?" I asked. Without breaking her stride she responded, "They got wounded in the war."

Oh. Of course. The war. The war? Apparently it was a good thing I never got around to throwing out that box of old, dried-up baby wipes. War-wounds call for quick thinking and creative action. After all, necessity is the mother of invention.


  1. Oh, such delightful imagination (and tiny feet)! Yes, you never know when you'll need a box of dried up baby wipes.

  2. I can't believe you even had to ask!! So creative and imaginative!

  3. So precious! Of course those tiny feet are bandaged from war wounds. Thank goodness for those old wipes. I have a feeling if our girls spent an afternoon together they would be best of friends.

  4. her feet are so CUTE!

    and the WAR, what on earth! I'm laughing!

  5. Oh my word that is hilarious. I may or may not have re-wetted my dried out wipes with bottled water when in a pickle. :)