28 May 2010

Pride in Completion

Today was the last day of school. True, next week they have their final week of outdoor school (art, music, science, games ... kid heaven!), but this was the official final day of "class."

A trip to the garden store yielded simple, affordable, but pretty teacher-appreciation gifts. Because truly, they are so, so appreciated by this family. Perennials for the classroom teachers, and punchy orange zinnias for all the other devoted souls (Can't forget the secretaries ... those ladies make the world go 'round!).

It was a year of accomplishment for Lucette. The strides she made in this 1st grade year made us all proud. Proud from the tips of her toes up to her wiggly front teeth.

And what bragging rights Peter claimed this year. His effort, drive, and downright gumption took him through a rigorous year full of transitions. He's growing up. Fourth grade next year? My, my.

We've come a long ways from the 1st day. The haircuts are a bit scraggy, the school-clothes a tad small and stained. All evidence of growth and hard work. Well done, kids. Well done.


  1. I cannot BELIEVE how much Lucette has grown, I clicked that link to compare. WOW!

    Great pics. Good job kidlets!

  2. Both Lucette and Peter have grown up so much over nine months. Children do that, much to our angst!

    Aren't the first tastes of summer so very sweet?!