10 May 2011

Scenes From a Rainbow Party

Our Lucette considers herself to be a burgeoning artist. We happily encourage the notion. And naturally, as this was her birthday party year (we one do every other year), we began to plan a shin-dig that could incorporate all of her loves. Drawing, painting, rainbows and unicorns.

She was busy drawing original pieces for the party a solid week before the actual date. They were taped up about the house and were a lovely accent against all of the rainbow balloon bouquets we had chosen for festive decoration.

We ordered a tin of rainbow crayons as a party gift for each of the girls and used them as balloon anchors. (Notice the "No. 8" at the top? So appropriate for an 8th birthday.)

 And once the ladies began to arrive we had canvas for each and a plethora of paints, glitter glaze, and brushes to choose from. The only requirement? There must be a rainbow somewhere on your painting. They were most happy to oblige. I kept them fueled with skittles ... a rainbow of fruit flavor, as you surely know.

 Once completed they were in need of some true refreshments. Punch and rainbow fruit kebabs for starters. And to top it off?

 A slice of rainbow cake. All of the gasps and squeals that ensued once I sliced into the seemingly benign white cake was all the reward I needed. (It's a simple concept, but it took for-ehva'!)

I love you, my sweet girl. You are a rainbow to my days and sparkle to my heart.