31 May 2011

A Bowl of Sun

 It has been so dreadfully gloomy here for so very long. And by long, I mean since last November. The sun taunts us every now and then, but just won't show up with any conviction. Yesterday, we had some glorious sun breaks that streamed through the hallway skylight and I curled up in a sunny spot on the carpet like a heat-seeking kitty. My kids didn't seem to think anything of my behavior as they would just hurdle over me without question.

But today, alas, it is gray and cold and drippy once more. Sometimes you just have to pretend your way to a sunny experience. This fresh pineapple is mighty helpful in my attempts.

Is it naughty that I'm hiding the pineapple in the back of the fridge so I can eat it all myself? Desperate times call for desperate measures.