12 May 2011

Doctor's Orders

Taking an imposed break due to some persistent back/neck issues. Apparently hunching over computer screens and mousing all the day long isn't helping anything.

Don't cry for me, Argentina. I'll be fine. Just going to cool my computer jets for awhile and do funky exercises with giant neon colored rubber bands.

Back after a bit, Friends.


  1. Sorry Anna~ I'm hunching over my computer reading your blog right now thinking......Anna is very wise!! Hope that the new exercises help!!

  2. Hope your neck and back is better soon. I also had those huge rubber bands for doing exercises that were to help my neck and back -- decades ago. It might of helped but what it really did was entertain our oldest three for hours (they still talk about them).

  3. Get well soon, Anna. We'll be here when you return...

  4. lamesauce! why do we have to get all old and wimpy??